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I wrote a synopsis after the Coronavirus emerged, which is available at Helpful Blogging World

The question of how this is feasible can now be posed to you, dear readers.

The years passed while I struggled despite all the challenges. I was in a typical circumstance, working a routine job with life's responsibilities, which had both positive and negative sides.

I graduated from the University of Toulouse I with a Master's in Strategic Marketing, and I was successful in landing my first position as a sales representative for a multinational corporation.

With all of that, things were going well despite all the stress. I opened a home, now that I have Adam and Sami, and the responsibilities of life have increased.

The Coronavirus, however, caused the water to flow in a way that boats didn't like, which led to a work standstill, an increase in issues, and a harder quality of life.

After some time, I made the hardest decision of my life to devote more time to taking care of my family, abandoning traditional employment entirely and turning to self-employment and the Internet as viable options for earning a living and working without being subject to professional restrictions like time and tie...etc.

How to build this new life project and in what field would I specialize was the initial question I asked myself.

At the conclusion of the day, I suggested sticking with the areas of economics, business management, and commercial marketing that I am most familiar with.

So, after concentrating on other things for a short while, I turned my attention to the world of e-commerce, and this blog will provide answers to the following questions:

1. What are some reliable methods for earning money online?

2. Which software and apps have been successful?

3. What are the websites that give users the chance to advance their talents and make money?

4. What recent developments are there in the corporate, financial, and economic worlds?

I hope to have answered some of your questions about us as well as the concept, planning, and eventual production of this blog, which has the short URL and is titled: The "Helpful Blogging World".